In today's rapidly changing work environment, investing in skills development is critical to keep up with developments and ensure long-term success. Offering internal skills development at your company is not only an investment in your employees, but also in the company's success. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of internal skills development and why it's important to prioritize it in your business.

But - before we get into the benefits. How do you reach your employees?

 If you are only a few people in the office, it may not be so difficult. But with multiple offices, people working from home and a global workforce - how do you reach everyone?

Traveling around the world and holding workshops is both costly and affects the environment. Not to mention all the obstacles the Covid-19 pandemic put in this way of working, the effects of which we still see today. It is important to find an engaging, cost-effective way of communicating that really produces results! But we'll get back to that, after the benefits!

Increases employee motivation and commitment:

By offering opportunities for skills development, you show your employees that you care about their professional growth and success. This can increase their motivation and commitment at work. When employees feel they have the opportunity to develop and learn new skills, they become more engaged and willing to invest in their work, which in turn can lead to increased productivity and performance.

Improves skills and expertise:

Internal skills development gives your employees the opportunity to acquire and improve their skills and expertise in specific areas. This may include technical skills, leadership qualities, communication skills or other relevant skills for their job role. By investing in developing employees' skills, you create a more competent and qualified workforce that can meet the challenges and demands that the company faces.

Promotes internal mobility and career opportunities:

Through internal competence development, you create a culture of learning and growth within the company. It gives employees the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and experience, which can open up internal career opportunities. By promoting internal mobility and encouraging employees to take on new challenges and roles, you can retain talented employees and build a strong internal talent pool.

Increases the company's competitiveness:

In a rapidly changing business environment, companies that invest in skills development are more likely to stay competitive. By having a well-educated workforce that is up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, your business can adapt quickly to changes and meet customer needs effectively. This can give you great advantages in keeping up the company and the employees' competitiveness.

So how do you do?

Now that you know the benefits and want to start working on this in a digital, smart and cost-effective way that really generates results. Where do you turn?

We at Adme have extensive experience in helping companies convey important information internally via animated company films and engaging eLearning solutions. The days when a powerpoint presentation or an email is enough to create an effect are long gone!

Today, you need to create high-quality communication to ensure that it reaches all employees in the best way and produces impact.

That is why we have created SkillGround. A SaaS (Software as a Service) service for creating really, really good eLearning. Built on our strength of animated corporate film!

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