As a business, it is important to find effective ways to reach out to potential customers on social media. One of the most effective methods today is to create short animated films. This is because animated films can capture the attention of viewers and at the same time convey important messages in an easy-to-understand manner. Below are some tips on how to succeed on social media as a business using short animated films.

Create a clear message

To create an effective short animated film, it is important to have a clear message that viewers can understand immediately. Make sure that your message is relevant to your target group and that it is communicated in a simple and understandable way. It can be difficult to boil down the absolute most important things about your own business because there is so much to say. How do you figure out what to say? Fortunately, at Adme we have over 10 years of experience in creating animated corporate videos for clients in all sorts of industries. We help you through the entire process - from grain to loaf. Take a look at this blog post to know more about our process: XXX

Adapt your videos to different social platforms

Each social platform has its own unique style and target audience. Therefore, it is important to adapt your videos to each platform in order to reach the right target group. Make sure your animated business videos are the right format and length for each platform. Here it can also be smart to think through your strategy to maximize time on things that really generate results. Feel free to test several different platforms and measure your results to see what is worth focusing your time on.

Use an attractive design

An important factor in attracting viewers to your animated films is an attractive design. Use colorful images, clear focus in each scene to capture viewers' attention and ensure your design is consistent with your brand identity. Here, of course, a lot is about the knowledge and experience of the person who produces your corporate film. Budget can also come into play here as there are suppliers who can offer a cheaper price but often with more restrictions in terms of branding and quality.

Share your videos regularly

To reach a larger audience, it is important to share your animated videos regularly on your social platforms. Use relevant hashtags and tag your target audience to increase visibility. Social media is an endless flow of information and it can be difficult to stand out. In the beginning it can feel uncomfortable or like you are nagging about your own message - and of course there are limits. But, in today's media landscape, the old cliché "If you're not seen, you're not there" is definitely something we all have to live with.

Measure your success

Finally, it is important to measure your success to see if your animated videos have reached your target audience and have had the desired effect. Analyze your performance and adjust your strategy based on the results you get. Just throwing out animated corporate videos or other content on social media without thinking or having a strategy is likely not to be successful in the long run. It is important to stop and actually look at what results and what response your work generates over time. You can have overnight success, but it can also take time and require a lot of work to build up an engaged target group around your message, so don't pull the emergency brake too quickly if you think it's going slowly!

In summary, short animated films are a great way for businesses to succeed on social media. With a clear message, custom formats, attractive design, regular sharing and measurement of results, your business can take advantage of the benefits animated videos can bring to reach new potential customers.

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