How do you actually go about creating an animated corporate film? Does it arise by itself? Is it some kind of black magic? No, the fact is that it's creativity, experience and an eye for detail that takes you from idea to final product with amazing results and a corporate film that can be proudly shown to the world.

Over the years we have made over 1000 animated corporate films for clients in all sorts of industries, sizes and parts of the world. What they all have in common is the need to convey an important message in a way that really captures the viewer. Regardless of whether it is a new product launch, internal training or the implementation of a new technical process.

So how do you go from idea to animated corporate film that generates results?

We have over 10 years of experience with a process that has been refined and improved over the years. With a clear focus on an end trip outcome and a clear process that is easy for you as a customer to follow.

Where Adme does the big, heavy work and you can sit back to give feedback and like.

This is how it works!

Adme's process begins with a Brief.

A battery of questions that lays the foundation for the entire project and becomes the starting point for our work.

Here we discuss things such as target group, objectives and content to have this document as an anchor through the process.

During Pre-production, the first parts of your project begin to fall into place. Here we produce a script and present 2 different style suggestions on how exactly your message can be visualized. In this way, you get an early overview of the design of this particular film. 

The next step is the Draft video, which can be seen as a moving storyboard. Here we animate your entire film in a simple and stripped down style, just like the examples you are looking at now. In this way, you get to experience your film very early on and get a feel for the pace and the overall impression. Draft video is a unique step developed by Adme that is largely based on our service SkillGround.

Along with the Draft film, you also get Styleframes. Still images showing what the final result will look like. With the right colors, logo, font and your own graphic profile. These images can be seen as stills from a film that has not yet been produced, but gives a very concrete picture of the final result.

In the final production step, you choose the right voice to be recorded. We dress the entire film in your brand and refine all the animation before delivery. Here we have the shortest explanation, but this is where the big work is done. Illustrations are created, characters are developed and animated - everything to bring your film to life! 

If you have ordered any additions during the project, they will be delivered together with the finished film. This can be, for example, subtitles, illustrations or additional languages! 

And with that, we're done for this time - with a film you can proudly show off!

Do you want to hear more from one of the people who may be behind just YOUR animated corporate film? Listen to Rickard Bengtsson, founder and Creative Director, tell us more about our process.

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