Animated film is a great tool to communicate with your audience. While traditional film can also be used for this purpose, there are several advantages to animated film that make it a better choice for certain projects. In this blog post, we will discuss some of these benefits.

A frequently asked question - can my company really work with animated film? Can you visualize our product, service or offer?

Yes, we say!

Creative freedom

With animated film, you have the freedom to create almost anything you can imagine. You are not limited by factors such as location, climate or people. With animated film, you can create a whole new world and express your ideas in a creative and imaginative way.

Budget friendly

Traditional film production can be very expensive. Animated film can be more budget-friendly because you don't need a full staff of actors, technical staff and filming equipment. Instead, you can create everything digitally. In addition, animation can often be done remotely, which reduces costs such as travel and accommodation.

More flexibility

Animated film allows you to change content and correct mistakes more easily than with traditional film production. If you need to add or remove something from your animated movie, you can easily do so by changing the graphics or animation. With traditional film production, this would mean creating a completely new take, which is both time-consuming and expensive.

We have a product that is very dependent on real people

One challenge of working with real people and real photography is making sure everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. Bringing in real actors can be an expensive and drawn-out process for what is supposed to be a fairly simple film production. While working with colleagues can be fun in theory but not always so easy when the cameras are rolling!

In this video for Wellbefy, we get to see how the service is used to improve the well-being of colleagues and their interaction with it - but everything in it is animated!

We have advanced software and associated work processes and products

No problem - take a look at this video we produced together with Hermes Medical.

Here we show both excerpts from the real software, graphical simplifications and adapt the message to a short animated corporate film to arouse interest to find out more

We need processes in real environments

Even for a company like the Norwegian Forestry Agency, with the word forest in its name, animation became a more appropriate way to convey its message. This is due to the strength of clarifying what we want the viewer to focus on in a stripped down, simple manner - compared to all the details in a filmed forest environment. As their supervision process involves many steps, over a long period of time, animation became the obvious choice!

Another question that may come up sometimes - isn't animated film just for kids?

No, we say!

Listen to our founder and Creative Director, Rickard Bengtsson talk about the advantages of working with animated film in his corporate communication

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