Animated corporate films have become increasingly common in marketing and advertising. It is a format that is perfectly suited to summarize, explain and convey messages in an engaging way to your target audience. We take a look at 3 concrete advantages!

Interesting and entertaining

Animated films are often interesting, imaginative and do not have to follow the constraints of reality, which makes them a very attractive means of communication.

By using animated film in marketing, you can create a memorable and entertaining experience for viewers that truly engages and captures their interest. This can help attract new customers and strengthen brand loyalty among existing customers.

In addition, a big advantage of animated film is the possibility to tailor the message completely - both in terms of content and graphics. By letting your brand be a clear feature in your film with the right color, shape and font. Do you have your own character or mascot? No problem - he will of course have a place in your video and can help your message come to life!

How about an octopus to promote an event tool? Yes, we say!

Take a look at this video we made for Lyyti - Europe's most used Event Tool:

Simple explanation of complex concepts

Another advantage of animated films is that they can be used to explain complex concepts in a simple and easy-to-understand way. By using animation, you can visualize things in an easier or cheaper way than otherwise possible. From industrial products to life science or technical processes, this can help increase the understanding and engagement of viewers.

We have helped companies use animated films as a powerful communication tool to implement internal processes, new products, sales flows or explain complex technology.

Together with MaxCyte, we produced a film that explained how their technology can be used in cell therapy - a very difficult topic to visualize without the help of an animated corporate film.

Flexibility and creative freedom

Animated films offer greater flexibility and creative freedom than other marketing methods. Because everything shown in an animated film is created from scratch, you can easily adapt the film to your brand and marketing needs. In addition, you can use animated movies to create different types of content that are simply not possible otherwise using reality, text or images.

By thinking outside the box, an animated corporate film can become a way to stand out and convey messages in a way that captures the viewer and surprises. For example, by visualizing a roller coaster to market a new version of an ERP system for Jeeves.

Animation is an incredibly powerful medium to use to convey important information - these are just 3 examples of all that is possible. Where creativity is the only thing that sets limits!

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