In today's global business world, effective communication is essential to reach a wide audience and successfully market your business. Animated corporate videos have become increasingly popular as a powerful tool for communicating with a global audience. In this blog post, we'll share some tips and advice for creating animated corporate videos that effectively reach and engage your global audience.

Understand your target audience:

Before you start creating an animated corporate film, it's important to understand your global audience and their cultural background. Be aware of language, norms and cultural references that can affect how your message is perceived. Adapt your video to be relevant and attractive to different cultural perspectives, while maintaining your company's unique brand identity.

Keep it simple and clear:

Animated corporate videos are effective when they communicate your message in a simple and clear way. Use clear and concise messages that are easy to understand and remember. Use simple and easy-to-understand visual elements and avoid overloading the film with too much information. Stay focused on the most important message you want to convey to your global audience. Here at Adme, we are a good sounding board and have extensive experience in creating animated corporate films both for a global audience but also for an audience completely without sound. Then it becomes even more important to find an idiom that is universal and understandable even if it is not a film in the viewer's first language.

Use visual storytelling:

Animated corporate videos are perfect for telling engaging and visual stories. Use storytelling techniques to create a strong connection with your audience and keep their interest alive. Use images, symbols and characters that can be universally understood and relatable to your global audience. Also, use a narration or subtitles to make it easier for viewers from different language areas to understand the message.

Translation and localization:

If you're targeting a global audience, it's important to offer translations and localization of your animated corporate video. Use professional translators to ensure that your messages are correctly translated into different languages. Also take into account local cultural differences and adapt the film so that it is relevant and fits into different cultural contexts. We at Adme have long experience of working with this and it is not unusual for our large, international clients, that we make a film in English and then adapt the language into 15+ languages. Everything to ensure that the viewer gets the best possible experience and can absorb the message in the best way.

Use appropriate music and sounds:

Music and audio can enhance your animated corporate video and create an emotional connection with your global audience. Choose music and sounds that are appropriate and appropriate for the cultural context. Be careful about using everything for specific music if you really want to appeal to a broad, global audience. Music and sound should promote the message, which is the core of the film, and not distract from it.

A global target group is by definition the absolute broadest target group you can choose. But this need not be a flawed strategy. If the message you want to convey can and should be conveyed to as wide an audience as possible, then we hope that this blog post has given you some tips on the way to think about. It can often be a good idea to have several different communication strategies - from a very narrow and specific target group to a broader one. In this way, you invest both in direct sales to potential customers and leads, while building exposure around your brand!

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