Fixed Prices

We believe in price transparency

We believe in clarity and transparency, from start to finish and in every project. That is why we are transparent in pricing, so you don't choke on your coffee when this month's invoices are due. Thanks to our unique process, we are able to offer fixed prices on all of our services – without compromising on quality or creativity.

Character animation

Let an animated character be the digital face of your company! With characters, you can easily tell your story through situations that clients can relate to. The price includes 20 extra animation hours.

  • 30 seconds

    60 000 SEK

  • 1 minute

    70 000 SEK

  • 2 minutes

    90 000 SEK

No characters

Help your clients visualize things that are too small or too big to be seen by the naked eye, such as data being transferred between multiple systems or how a global organization is structured. This product is perfect when you want to explain something complicated in a simple way.

  • 30 seconds

    40 000 SEK

  • 1 minute

    50 000 SEK

  • 2 minutes

    70 000 SEK

Discount system

We have a generous discount system for clients who order multiple videos at the same time, and for returning clients who want to continue to build on the world we have created together in previous videos.

  • 2 videos


  • 3 videos


  • 4+ videos



Extra language

Translate your video to a new language with an additional voice recording.

12 000 SEK


Cut your video to a shorter format, perfect for use on social media.

8 000 SEK

Extended video

Videos longer than 2 minutes can be ordered. Price is per extra 30 seconds.

12 000 SEK


Add subtitles to your video. Price per language, translation not included.

3 000 SEK

Updated brand

Update colors, fonts or the logo in your video to suit your updated graphic identity.

12 000 SEK


Illustrations for use in other channels, such as your website.

8 000 SEK

Premium voice

We collaborate with multiple leading voice-over agencies and offer a range of 20 standard voices in English and Swedish that are included in all of our services. For access to a bigger library of voices or if you intend to use your video for advertising in paid channels, we charge an additional 5,000 SEK.

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