Adme's Data Protection Policy

What we stand for

To us, it is important to be completely transparent when it comes to what data we collect from visitors to our website. Read more about how and why we collect data here.

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When you order a video from Adme, we collect data on every person involved in the project: from the person named as the invoice reference in our finance system to client references on our website. This is for business purposes as well as legal reasons. Our clients' personal data is stored in our finance system, agreements system, CRM and email client. If a client leaves a heartwarming quote when a project is completed, it may be put on display along with the person's name, company and position on our website, be used in a sales pitch or put in our client book. As a client to Adme, you will automatically be signed up for our newsletter, to receive invitations to our After Work meetups and breakfast seminars, get strategical tips on how to make best use of your new video and other useful information about Adme. To unsubscribe from our newsletter, simply click the unsubscribe link in one of the newsletters and we will stop sending you invitations to parties, we swear.


As a subcontractor or supplier to Adme, your personal data is stored for legal reasons as well as business purposes. The personal data is stored in our finance system, CRM and email client. As a supplier, you will be automatically signed up for our newsletter. This is for us to be able to keep you updated on everything concerning Adme that is in our suppliers' best interest. You may also find a party invitation once in a while if you are lucky. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, please unsubscribe via the link in one of the newsletters.

Prospects & Networking Contacts

If you are a decision maker at a cool, successful company and are not yet in contact with Adme, chances are that we will run into each other sooner or later. That might be for business or networking reasons. We strongly believe in personal relationships and use our CRM system and our email clients to manage our contacts. As a completely cold lead, we store your data for a maximum of 30 days before erasing all data collected on you in our CRM system. If we have a dialogue, your data might be stored for up to five years, since we have long sales cycles. After that, if there is no longer any business purpose or have been any ongoing networking contact during the last two years, your personal data will be erased from all of our systems. To take part of our amazing newsletter as a prospect or networking contact, you need to subscribe on our website or be personally added to the subscribers list by someone at Adme. If you are added by us, you will always be contacted by email first to explain why you are added and you will have the opportunity to decline.

In general

Adme does not sell your personal information to anyone. If you have any questions about Adme's data protection policy, please contact us at:

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