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What is an Explainer?

An explainer video is a video format that has been developed to give maximum communicative impact with shortest possible time. Therefore explainers use animated video, voiceover, music and branding to get the message across. In short an Explainer can be used to convey any message in under a minute.

Our Showcase

Adme has been around since 2012 and has up until now produced over 600 explainer videos. Here a sample of the projects we’ve produced throughout the last couple years.

Can’t find what your looking for?

With over 600 videos we have examples in almost every industry. Write to us and we will put together a curated list of cases.

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Bestseller Executive Day

Bestseller organizes speaker events to convey the best knowledge available on our planet.

Boule Medical

Boule Medical offers top-class blood analysis systems for human and veterinary hematology.


Goava’s Insight Tool tells B2B salespeople which company to talk to, whom to talk to, and what to talk about.


Maxcyte is a global life sciences company driving the development of next generation cell-based therapies.


Sepsisfonden aims to increase awareness and raise funding for research, to improve treatment of sepsis.


Starflow is an entertainment platform that connects content creators with their fans – no middlemen involved.

Fixed Prices

We believe in fixed pricing that is flexible to our customers needs. Therefore we’ve developed our own pricing calculator so you can see exactly what a production with Adme will cost. 

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More than just a video

Behind the scenes is our Cloud Production platform, a revolutionary new way to produce explainer videos. All clips Adme produce for an explainer video is compatible with our platform and new customers get a free three month trial.

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Our Process

We are strong advocates of process driven creativety. Therefore we have a regorious production process at the core of all our productions.

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How much does an explainer video cost?
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The price of an animated film can vary greatly depending on different parameters. Aspects that determine the price are; Length of film? How many languages? Commercial license for paid ads? With our smart price calculator, you can answer a few simple questions and figure out the price of your particular video right away!

Is there a discount if I order more than one video?
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Yes! We have a favorable discount system. Both if you order several videos at the same time or if you are a repeat customer. In the smart price calculator, you can see how the price is affected if you order multiple videos or if you've done a prior project with Adme.

What is included in a production?
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A standard production begins with a start-up meeting between you and the project manager. Here we determine the parameters for the project. The next step is script work, followed by the illustrations and graphics. After that is done we create a draft video, which can be seen as an animated storyboard, before moving on to the final production stages. A voice recording is done with a professional voice actor of your choice, in combination with adding the music to the video before the final delivery. During the project, you have ongoing touchpoints with your personal project manager to ensure that the project runs smoothly. 

Feel free to read more about our process here.

How does the production process work?
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The first thing that happens when an order is made; is that we contact you to book a start-up meeting. You will subsequently meet with the project manager and review expectations and parameters for the project. 

Feel free to read more about our process, and prepare for the meeting by downloading our brief.

How do I get started?
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Feel free to start by filling in all the conditions for your particular project on our price calculator. You can directly request a quote based on the information you have filled in. You can also contact us here.