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Animation + E-learning

We are experts in animation. And we know that mobile content is engaging. Therefore, we believe that animated content interspersed with interactive elements is the future of digital learning.

Through animated video, we make your educational material easy to understand, easy to absorb, and available in all languages. With equal parts pedagogy and creativity, we create interactive courses that help you achieve your goals.

Packaged for your LMS

We deliver your courses as SCORM-files, the world standard so that you can easily integrate the course into your LMS.


Digital learning is a cost-effective alternative to traditional education. With our smart price configurator, you can calculate your project yourself. Contact us for tailor-made solutions!

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Why e-learning?

Adme has helped the private and public sector create digital courses for:

  • Onboarding of new employees
  • Changed routines and working methods
  • Competence development
  • Software training
  • Introduction to products and services
  • … and much more!

Get in touch, and we will show you examples of courses we have produced in the past and give an in-depth presentation of our educational philosophy.

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More than just E-learning

Behind each project's scenes is our platform, Cloud Production, a revolutionary new way of creating animated films. All content we produce for your educations is compatible with the platform. New customers get free access for 3 months!

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How can I build my first course?
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Adme builds the courses. It is a step by step process. We provide you with the opportunity to provide feedback at all levels of the production. We are investigating the possibility of implementing our course builder into our production platform Cloud Production. Read more about it here.

Our ambition is that you will be able to put together entire courses on your own in the future.

Are the courses compatible with my LMS?
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Yes. We deliver our courses based on the world standard - SCORM, this way, you can easily integrate the course into your LMS. SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model and is a specific way to package training materials. The vast majority of LMS on the market support the SCORM format. The course production’s final stage is to package it in a SCORM compliant format for easy upload to your preferred LMS.

Can I make multilingual courses?
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Yes. We recommend that you offer your courses in several languages because it is easiest to absorb information in the viewers’ mother tongue. We have tight-knit collaborations with various translation agencies that ensure that the content is correct regardless of language. There is no limit on the variety of languages you wish to utilize.

Who provides the content?
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You can choose to either produce the content yourself or to commission our help. We have extensive experience in developing e-courses for both companies and public authorities. We advocate interactive training methods to combine effective educational content with text and pictures for the best pedagogical effect. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to see some examples of our work and hear more about our educational content philosophies.

Which data do we collect on participants?
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We do not store sensitive information about course participants. However, the system does retain information on which participants have completed a course. It is also possible to set up specific requirements to complete a course. In these cases, data about which intermediate goals each participant has achieved stays in the system.