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Did you know that our brains process visuals much quicker than text? When animated content and text are combined in an interactive e-course, different parts of the viewer's brain is activated, making the information easier to remember. That is why animation and digital learning are a perfect match.

Ready to integrate with any LMS

We deliver your online courses in a universal SCORM format, that can easily be integrated with your LMS.

Internal and External Education

E-learning is an effective method of education, both internally and externally. Teach your coworkers new ways of working, or impress your new employees with a digital onboarding programme that teaches your company values. Let your clients learn something new - on their own terms! With an online course in your topic of expertise, you can educate your client at a time of their choice.

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Since we made our first e-learning course we have created interactive courses for government departments, the Life Science industry and large industrial companies. Let us show you the possibilities of animated e-learning solutions - book a demo today!

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