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Animated videos created in minutes

We enable companies to create animated films of the highest quality - in just a few minutes. With your library of animated sequences, you can create unique video content tailored to your company's brand. Discover the power of Cloud Production.

Designed for Business

Our platform is built from the ground up with corporate needs in mind. Companies today both need and want to be able to spread information on a large scale, and often across multiple languages. It must do so efficiently and easily - without compromising on quality.

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Cloud Pricing

With Cloud Production, the possibilities are endless. Expand your library and experiment with content you do not already have. Get unlimited exports with our smart subscription model. Contact us to find out more.

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Cloud in everything we make

All videos we produce are compatible with the platform. Each sequence is uploaded to Cloud Production so that your library always grows. New customers get free access for 3 months!

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How do I get started?
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When you order a video from Adme, you also get access to your library in Cloud Production. You gain entry in the final stage of the production, where every scene from your project is uploaded as separate building blocks in the platform. You can use the building blocks to string together an unlimited number of videos. As a new customer, you get free access to Cloud Production for three months after we have delivered your first project, so you can try the system for yourself.

What is a building block?
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As a Cloud Production customer, you have your library of what we call building blocks. The building blocks are animated sequences that can be combined to produce a new video. Each animated sequence is 10 seconds long, but you choose how many seconds and which part of the sequence is displayed.

Who owns the material?
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The customer owns their building blocks’ rights and can get them exported as a separate file by Adme. The customer also owns the finished videos built in the system.

How does the price model work?
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Cloud Productions pricing model is a subscription service where the number of users determines the fee. With a subscription, users can build an unlimited number of videos per month. If you want to expand your library with new building blocks or let a professional narrator read your script, there is a charge connected with that. All other features are free of charge when the subscription is active.

How many user accounts are included?
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A standard subscription includes five user accounts. You can always add more accounts.