Cloud Production

Tailored to your brand

Adme’s Cloud Production tool provides you and your company with your own library of animated building blocks that can be combined in endless ways to easily create videos to suit your every need. The building blocks in your library can easily be adapted to suit different contexts, audiences and purposes. Adding text? Check. Showing off colorful statistics? No problem!

Save time and money

Producing animated video content has traditionally been considered a time-consuming task. We know that your time is valuable, and that is why we created Cloud Production. Cloud Production allows you to continuously produce video content in a time-efficient way. By reusing scenes from your library in multiple videos, costs are also kept to a minimum.

Endless opportunities

Cloud Production empowers new ways of working with animation in your company communication. Your library can be expanded with additional building blocks at any time, allowing for great flexibility and variety in your videos. Book a workshop with Adme to learn more about the potential of Cloud Production for your company's video marketing. Workshops are free of charge.

Get started

We provide you with a library of unique video clips adapted to your brand's graphic profile. For maximum benefit of your library, the content is adapted to suit your company's primary marketing needs. A starter kit contains between 100 and 500 building blocks that can be endlessly combined.

Getting started with Cloud Production is easy for both new and existing Adme clients. Curious? Get in touch to learn more.

Coming 2020

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