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Adme was founded in 2010, with the mission to contribute to a world where information is easily available and easy to grasp. Regardless if an organization wants to tell their story, sell their products or educate their employees, the most important thing is to get the message across.

Since ancient times, people have used stories as a means of passing information and knowledge on to others. Today, we no longer gather around the campfire to share stories. Instead, we live in different countries, speak different languages and work through digital and social media. While technology has taken huge steps forward, stories are still what brings people together.

Adme is one of Sweden's best animation studios. By combining storytelling with animation, we create short videos that captivate and engage viewers. We help B2B and B2C clients cut through the noise in social media with our unique process. Our structured way of working is what distinguished us from other production companies, and allows us to guarantee fixed prices and delivery times in all of our projects. By focusing on clarity and quality, we have gained our clients trust. Welcome to Adme. We från våra kunder. Välkommen till Adme. Vi skapar berättelser som gör skillnad.

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